BJP Vs Congress All State Opinion Poll – NDTV

opinion poll

states seats bjp congress others
bihar forty twenty one eleven eight
chhattishgarh eleven eight three
delhi seven four one two
jharkhand fourteen ten four
karnataka twenty eight sixteen ten two
madhya pradesh twenty nine twenty fiv four
maharashtra forty eight thirty six ten two
rajasthan twenty five twenty one three one
seemandhra twenty five fourteen one ten
tamil nadu thirty nine three thirty six
telangana seventeen two seven eight
total two hundred & eighty three one hundred & sixty fifty four sixty nine

Maharashtra Opinion Poll 2014

  • NDTV’s 2014 opinion election gives that the BJP-head National Democratic Alliance will take seat in the state of Maharashtra, creating big profits competing Congress-NCP and drowing after 1999.
  • The BJP and its alliance may gain twenty one seats of forty seats of maharashtra which is gain extra of nine seats in 2009.
  • Mr Kumar’s Janata Dal United is predicted to pick 6 seats which is fall of fourteen compared to the earlier polling.
  • Lalu Yadav’s RJD is forecasted to have eleven seats in associating Congress that is 5 seats profit.
  • The B.J.P. & Shiv Sena jointed together are on set to gather atleast thirty six of forty eight seats which will be a sixteen extra after general election in 2009.
  • Similarly Congress and NCP are combined together achieve ten seats almost fifteen seats less compared to presently owned.

NDTV’s BJP, Congress Opinion Poll Status in Bihar

  • The bihar opinion polling gave clear picture like Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s de-associating with BJP is going to be a big loss in the upcoming 2014 lok sabha election across the bihar constituencies.

Karnataka position of Cong. B J P Opinion Poll

  • In the state of Karnataka, the BJP will definitely take the seats the most 28 parliamentary as per NDTV”s opinion poll.
  • BJP receives sixteen, down 3 from the previous national election in the year 2009.
  • The party lost in the SE in 2013.
  • The governing Congress finds 10 which is 4+.
  • Regional politician Deve Gowda and his son get 2 seats losing 1.

Modi & Soniya in Madhya Pradesh

  • In Madhya Pradesh re-elected Shivraj Singh Chouhan and BJP for a 3rd consecutive term will make hatric in this 2014 general election as per NDTV’s opinion poll.
  • From the state’s twenty nine parliamentary seats the BJP is baking 25 seats almost 9 seats extra incomparison to 2009 parliamentary election
  • Similarly Congress won twelve seats in 2009 and this time it is ready to accept 4 seats.
  • Mayawati’s lead BSP will not pick even 1 seat in this 2014 general election.

Who Rules Rajasthan?

  • NDTV’s opinion poll reveals that BJP will break record in Rajasthan state too as it has already shown his victory in December assembly polls.
  • WHile for this national election, the Bhartiya party has set to swipt 75% of total 25 seats of 21 seats making a seventeen seats more.
  • The poll expects Congress will miss 3 seats this time
  • The BJP will almost rule over half of the state’s seat with the congress vote falling down to thity five percentage.